Kitchen of the Week: A Custom Culinary Workspace by a Japanese Atelier

Snedker Japanese Custom Kitchens

Located in Seto City, outside Nagoya, Japan, Snedker Woodworking is a custom atelier launched in 2005 that makes high-end wood furniture and homewares. Its latest offering: fully custom wood kitchens in a Japanese-inflected style.


Above: Snedker designers Keihiro and Kumiko Kobayashi offer fully customized kitchens tailored to the needs of each family. The first thing they ask of clients: “Look at the shape of your life.”


Above: This kitchen, in the Snedker showroom, has clear-finished oak cabinetry with stainless steel countertops. (For more, see Remodeling 101: Stainless Steel Countertops.)


Above: In addition to stainless steel, Snedker offers countertops in marble and solid wood. (They frequently work with oak, ash, walnut, paulownia, and black cherry.)


Above: Snedker’s edge-pull handles are made of solid brass. (See Remodeling 101: How Kitchen Edge Pulls Changed My Life.)


Above: In a hardworking kitchen, Snedker recommends a long trough sink with a teak dish drainer.

The off-white field tile on the backsplash has a slightly rough finish, and is installed with imprecise grout lines for a textural look. (For more on this trend, see 5 Favorites: Textural White Tile Backsplashes.)


Above: Snedker applied light scuffing to the stainless steel countertop, so scratches accumulated over time will be less prominent. At right, a custom wooden box contains a pour-over coffeemaker.


Above: Snedker uses handmade wood boxes as drawer organizers; they can be lifted out and used as trays.


Above: A sliding wood box maximizes drawer storage space. (For more of these kinds of ingenious storage solutions, see 15 Storage Ideas to Steal from High-End Kitchen Systems.)


Above: Among Snedker’s storage options: at left, a built-in storage rack with adjustable-height shelves. At right, a pullout shelf contains trash and recycling beneath the sink.

Visit Snedker’s Online Shop for a range of cutting boards and clocks. For more Japanese kitchen inspiration, see:

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