15 Favorite Cleaning Tools We Were Surprised to Find on Amazon Prime

Here are 15 of our favorite cleaning tools and products that are all available through Amazon Prime. That means that by this weekend you could be scrubbing your dishes with German tampico fibers, gently brushing surfaces with Swedish horsehair, scrubbing your clothes with French Marseilles soap, and improving your recycling routine with a sage green enamel bin.

Redecker Wash Basin Brush Set
Above: The Redecker Wash Basin Brush Set is a little trio of mini brushes grouped together on a keyring. (Julie loops hers onto the kitchen faucet for quick access.) It’s designed for keeping the sink itself clean and clog-free with a drain brush, hair-grip brush, and overflow brush—but you can use the trio for different cleaning tasks if you like; $21.99 on Amazon Prime.
Original Huberd's Shoe Oil
Above: The Huberd’s Original Shoe Oil ($12.25) has been around since 1929. We first discovered it at Casa González and González in Madrid but they don’t have an online shop. You can find it, and the Huberd’s Original Shoe Grease ($10.89) on Amazon Prime.
Supply Guru Rubber Toilet Plunger
Above: A classic rubber plunger—nothing fancy—from Supply Guru, the Rubber Toilet Plunger has an 18-inch wood handle and is $7.95 on Amazon Prime.
Iris Hantverk Desktop Table Dustpan Brush Set
Above: From Swedish company Iris Hantverk, the Desktop Table Dustpan Brush Set is $29.74 on Amazon Prime.
Redecker Tote Bag Leather Look
Above: It looks like a leather bag, sort of, but it’s made of cellulose fiber and is reusable. It’s great for keeping cleaning brushes corralled or for storing rags under the sink. The Redecker Medium Leather Look Tote Bag is $22.99 on Amazon Prime.
Wool Dryer Balls Natural
Above: Seriously useful for softening laundry the natural way, there are tons of wool dryer balls available on Amazon with Prime shipping. We picked the Smart Sheep Natural Wool Dryer Balls 6-Pack which is $16.95.
Rubbermaid Commercial Waste Basket
Above: A great open top dustbin for the office or utility/laundry room is the Rubbermaid Commercial Waste Basket, a 6.5 gallon bin, in Almond; $20 on Amazon Prime.
Iris Hantverk Dustpan and Brush Set Grey
Above: Another classic from Iris Hantverk is the Dustpan and Brush Set, shown here in Grey, which happens to be available on Amazon, too. The brush is handmade with horsehair by the visually impaired at the Iris Hantverk studio outside of Stockholm and the dustpan is plastic; $44.94.
Natural Wooden Clothespins
Above: Clothespins of all sorts can be found on Amazon. We like the Elegantday Natural Wooden Clothespins that are about 4 inches long. They’re marketed as decorative but function as they normally would; $10.99 for 10.
Savon de Marseille Nature Marius Fabre Olive Oil
Above: A block of Savon de Marseille Nature Olive Oil Soap from Marius Fabre has endless uses—good for washing both hands and linens—and is $10.65 on Amazon Prime.
Wesco German Designed Step Trash Can
Above: One of our favorite small trash bins is the Wesco Single Boy German-Designed Step Trash Can that comes in six different powder coated colors; $108.99 on Amazon Prime.
Redecker Natural Dish Cloth
Above: We’ve written about the humble cleaning cloth and all its uses before. Turns out you can find Redecker’s version, the Natural Dish Cloth, on Amazon Prime for $11.99. (It’s machine washable and eventually compostable.)
Redecker Lint Brush
Above: Another Redecker find: Its Beechwood Lint Brush has rubber bristles to remove lint, dust, and hair from clothing; $25.99.
The Laundress Copper Cleaning Cloth
Above: From The Laundress, the classic Copper Cleaning Cloth is $15.18 on Amazon Prime.
Houston International Storage Container
Above: And finally, a new-to-us find, the Houston International Storage Container made of rustproof galvanized steel with an enamel coating. This one is in Sage and it’s $60.52 on Amazon Prime.

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