DIY: 7 Wooden Storage Solutions from The Merrythought

DIY wooden cube side table via The Merry Thought blog.

Manda and Caitlin McGrath, the duo behind The Merrythought blog, are scrappy women who are forever upgrading their houses without spending a penny more than necessary. Close in age, the two live in Western New York and are related by marriage: “We probably have one of the oddest/most interesting blogging partner relationships,” they write. “Manda is Caitlin’s stepmom.”

They share an interest in bare-bones wooden design, and a knack for coming up with storage solutions that they tackle themselves. They’re both also able stylists. Here are seven of their DIY standouts: go to The Merrythought for more photos and step-by-step instructions.

Photography courtesy of The Merrythought.

Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Ladder Plant Stand via The Merry Thought blog.
Above: In response to Caitlin’s growing indoor plant collection, a DIY Ladder Plant Stand.

Paper Organizer

DIY wall-mounted paper organizer via The Merry Thought blog.
Above: Manda created the DIY Wood Wall Organizer in response to her kids’ daily flood of school papers: “I think that might be the number one complaint I hear from moms when we’re discussing clutter and things they struggle with: All the papers,” she says.

She gave each of her kids a pocket (with instructions to weed out the unnecessary and the out of date). But notes that it’s also ideal, as shown here, for mail or magazines.

Peg Rail

DIY Shaker Peg Rail Wall-Mount Hanging Rack via The Merry Thought blog.
Above: A project that speaks to us Shaker peg rail lovers here at Remodelista: The Merrythought’s DIY Wooden Wall-Mount Rack. Note that they used basic dowels as hooks, but you could easily add wooden Shaker Pegs—they’re .60 each (25 for $14.25) from Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine.

Not up for making your own? Take a look at Object Lessons: The Shaker Peg Rail.

Floating Shelves

DIY wood floating shelves via Merry Thought blog.
Above: DIY Floating Shelves are made from 2-by-6-by 8 pine boards

Standing Shelves

DIY wooden shelf Merry Thought blog.
Above: Manda and Caitlin describe their DIY Wood Bookshelf as “scaffolding style.” It was inspired by Anthropologie’s Toscana Bookcase.

Cube Side Table

DIY wooden cube side table via The Merry Thought blog.
Above: Caitlin’s  DIY Plywood Side Table is simply an elevated open cube. She notes that it’s equally useful as a bedside table and sofa side table.

Toilet Paper Stand

DIY toilet paper stand via The Merry Thought blog.
Above: Caitlin devised this DIY Toilet Paper Stand for her grandparents’ cabin. It’s ideal for small baths short on storage.

For more DIY projects, see:

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