8 Favorites: Laundry Baskets, Non-Plastic Edition

About a decade ago, I bought a large Peterboro basket with the intention of using it to store some of the many blankets my family had accumulated over the years. (For some reason my kids are averse to wearing a sweater, a robe, or even pants at home during the cold months, but they’ll happily cover themselves with a blanket and drag it from room to room.) Recently, in need of something to carry clean, folded clothes and unwilling to buy a plastic laundry basket, I decided to try out my Peterboro basket for this purpose. I thought it would be too small, I thought it would be too heavy. I thought it would snag delicates. None of that was true, and I can report that it has now officially been promoted to family laundry basket.

The Peterboro Basket Company, sadly, closed its operations last May, 168 years after its founding in New Hampshire. (Blame it on the invasive emerald ash borer, which has devastated ash trees  throughout the US.) But we’ve found eight similarly well-made, durable, and attractive woven baskets, all made from natural materials.

N.B.: Featured photograph by Justine Hand for Remodelista: The Low Impact Home.

French Wicker Laundry Basket, Flotsam & Fork
Above: We found this elegant French Wicker Laundry Basket when we were sourcing everyday household products made from natural materials for our newest book, The Low-Impact Home. It comes in three sizes; from $125.
Oval Wicker Laundry Basket from Larger Cross
Above: Handmade in France from white willow, this Oval Wicker Laundry Basket from Larger Cross is heirloom quality; $350.
Oval Wicker Laundry Basket from The Basket Lady
Above: The Basket Lady’s Oval Wicker Laundry Basket is a bit more affordable and comes in two colors—sandstone (pictured) and antique walnut brown; $114.
Tuscan Laundry Basket from Olli Ella
Above: Olli Ella’s Tuscan Laundry Basket is sold out in many of the stores that stock it, but we found it still available at The Little Lane Shop; $85 or large.
Tolkning Laundry Basket from Ikea
Above: Our vote for best budget pick? Ikea’s Tolkning Laundry Basket; $49.99.
Baba Tree's Short Basket from Goodee
Above: And chicest? Baba Tree’s Short Basket, handwoven in Ghana from palm leaves. It’s $140 at Goodee.
Wicker Laundry Basket from Willow Souvenir via Etsy
Above: The handsome Wicker Laundry Basket from Willow Souvenir via Etsy comes in three sizes; from $64.68.
Laundry Basket from Amish Baskets
Above: This Wicker Laundry Basket from Amish Baskets comes in two sizes and is most similar to my beloved Peterboro basket; from $89.98.

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