The Cull: Our 7 Favorite (and Well-Priced) Storage Pieces from Joanna and Chip Gaines’s Magnolia Line

Magnolia Kirby Containers

Like any good American, I have a soft spot for partners in life and design Joanna and Chip Gaines and their former show, Fixer Upper. But no matter how much I would love to spend an afternoon sipping lemonade and shooting the breeze with the good-natured couple, I confess that I’m not a fan of some of their trademark decor choices—oversize clocks, jurassic kitchen islands, inspirational messages as art, to name a few. Fortunately, while there is an entire section on their Magnolia website devoted to large wall clocks, there are also some really good small storage and organization pieces, items that would look great in all sorts of homes—not just modern farmhouses with lots of reclaimed wood.

Here are some favorites.

Magnolia Wooden Tray
Above: The Wooden Egg Tray is made of maple wood and stores six eggs on the counter or in the fridge; $20.
Magnolia Whitewashed Bamboo Basket
Above: New from their line, the Whitewashed Bamboo Basket comes in two sizes. We like its marriage of a modern silhouette with a more rustic finish; $28 for the small and $32 for the large.
Magnolia Locker Baskets
Above: The vintage-looking Locker Baskets are available in four colors; $24.
Magnolia Recycled Coat Rack
Above: The Recycled Coat Rack would look great in a mudroom; $42.
Magnolia Leather Uzma Journal
Above: The handmade Uzma Leather Journal features recycled paper; $28.
Magnolia Kirby Containers
Above: The Kirby Containers are made from perforated galvanized steel. You can lay them flat and use them like bins or on their sides to be used more like shelves; $25.20 for the square and $26.60 for the larger size.
Magnolia Weave Isle Basket
Above: Measuring 23½ inches across, the Isle Weave Basket is roomy enough to store pillows and blankets; $51.

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