10 Ways to Store Your Flatware, from Improvised Solutions to Hyper-Organized Systems

Joan McNamara LA Loft Silverware Drawer

You likely already have a system in place for storing your flatware that you’re pretty happy with. Still, you should read on. While the conventional method of placing your utensils in a sectioned tray inside a kitchen drawer works well, sometimes a unique situation—lack of drawer space, antique silverware, an eclectic interior style—calls for more creative solutions. Here, 10 different ways to organize your spoons, forks, and knives—from casually organized to rigidly categorized.

Photography by Matthew Williams for Remodelista, unless otherwise noted.

Workstead Gallatin Kitchen by Matthew Williams for Remodelista
Above: In the upstate New York home of Workstead‘s founders, a dearth of storage space led to a practical—yet attractive—workaround: Flatware is stored in a single ceramic container on the kitchen counter instead of taking up an entire drawer. See their Brooklyn apartment here: Architect Visit: Workstead in Cobble Hill.
Alastair Hendy Kitchen File Cabinet Utensils
Above: British chef Alistair Hendy employs a narrow vintage filing cabinet to house his utensils and cooking tools. See: Revolution Road: A Ground-Breaking Kitchen in London.
Deborah Ehrlich Utensils
Above: At her Hudson Valley home, designer Deborah Ehrlich keeps her flatware, inherited from her grandmother, collected in bowls and within easy reach. See: House Call: At Home in the Hudson Valley with Designer Deborah Ehrlich. Photograph by Justine Hand for Remodelista.
Rebecca Scott Tin Cans Used as Utensils Holder
Above: Tomato cans, with the labels peeled off, serve as charming utensils holders; they rest on Fog Linen trays. See: In Praise of Trays 10 Trays in Fiberglass and Enamel.
Joan McNamara LA Loft Silverware Drawer
Above: Joan McNamara, owner of Joan’s on Third in LA, likes to keep her collection of vintage silverware neatly displayed inside a fabric-lined drawer of an antique credenza. See: Joan McNamara’s Industrial-Chic Loft in LA. Photograph by Laure Joliet for Remodelista.
Von Eichel Silverware Drawer, by Matthew Williams
Above: A custom-made tray, lined with fabric that discourages tarnishing, cradles and protects each piece of silverware in artist Julia Von Eichel’s Brooklyn kitchen. See: Rehab Diary: A Hardworking Brooklyn Kitchen by Architect Annabelle Selldorf.
Drawer in Kara Rosenlund's Queensland Cottage Kitchen
Above: In this well-organized utensil drawer, vintage finds are grouped by use or by finish. The extendable drawer dividers were sourced from Australia-based Howard’s Storage World, but Ikea’s Variera Flatware Tray serves a similar function. See: Kitchen of the Week: A Blank-Slate Queensland Cottage Kitchen for a Stylist. Photograph courtesy of Kara Rosenlund.
Tiina Laakonen's Silverware Drawer, by Matthew Williams
Above: A perfect fit! Fashion stylist Tiina Laakkonen’s collection of black-handled flatware looks neat and tidy inside this kitchen drawer.
Garde Hvalsoe Rene Redzepi Kitchen Silverware Drawer
Above: Chefs René and Nadine Redzepi enlisted Garde Hvalsøe, three cabinetmakers, and an architect working with Dinesen to create their custom kitchen, which includes this two-tier utensils drawer. See: Expert Advice: Nadine Redzepi’s Secrets to a Well-Ordered Home Kitchen. Photograph courtesy of  Garde Hvalsøe and Dinesen.
Utensils Cases from Organized Home Book, by Matthew Williams
Above: Fork-knife-spoon sets, inserted into sleeves, make setting the table a breeze. The leather pockets pictured here are a collaboration between March of San Francisco and RTH of Los Angeles.

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