The Cull: Our 10 Favorites From Pottery Barn’s New Line for Small Spaces

Pottery Barn is reaching beyond its suburban clientele and dipping a foot into the small spaces category with its new PB Apartment line. We took a peek at its offerings, and we are impressed—particularly with its storage and organization products, which showcase an elegant simplicity that we don’t normally associate with the behemoth retailer. Here are our 10 favorite space-saving pieces.

Photography courtesy of Pottery Barn.

Wall Mounted Bike Rack for PB Apartment
Above: If you live in the city and own a bike, you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a place to park it in your home. This iron Wall-Mounted Bike Rack ($69) measures just 12-by-7-by-12 inches and even has a mango wood shelf on top to rest your bag or helmet.
Galvanized System Magnetic Clipboard at PB Apartment
Above: Mount the Galvanized System Magnetic Clipboard ($69) on a kitchen wall to keep track of calendars and shopping lists, above your desk for an inspiration board, or in the bathroom for extra hanging storage. It comes with two magnetic clips.
Antique Zinc Bin with Hooks at PB Apartment
Above: A landing station for your house keys and mail? A dedicated spot for the dog leash and pet toys? A storage area for your gardening tools? Lots of options here with the Antique Zinc Bin With Hooks ($69).
Antique Gray Modular Clothes Rack at PB Apartment
Above: Having a coat closet—or any closet, actually—isn’t a given when you live in a small space. The Antique Gray Modular Clothes Rack ($249) solves that storage conundrum in a sophisticated and affordable way.
Marshall Hanging Storage Closet PB Apartment
Above: Here’s another good alternative to the coat closet: The Marshall Hanging Storage Closet ($399) features two low shelves that would be perfect for housing your shoes.
Mission Modular System Collection Entry Mirror at PB Apartment
Above: We like the clean lines and natural materials of the Mission Modular System Collection Entry Mirror ($199), but it’s the shelf above the mirror and the little cubby under it that won us over.
Mission Modular System Popup Desk at PB Apartment
Above: The Mission Modular System Popup Desk ($249) has a hidden compartment to keep wires and cell phones and other small devices out of the way. This piece can also double as a breakfast table for two.
Mission Modular System Wall Cabinet at PB Apartment
Above: Cubbies—we can’t sing their praises enough. The Mission Modular System 18” Wall Cabinet ($129) is a versatile piece and would look appropriate in most rooms.
Rainier Galvanized Storage Cart at PB Apartment
Above: The Rainier Galvanized Storage Cart ($99) would be ideal for the kitchen that’s short on shelves. Or in a dining area lacking a small sideboard. Or the bathroom that has no storage space.
Lombard Laundry Drying Rack at PB Apartment
Above: It’s crazy to obsess over a drying rack, but that’s what happened when we saw the minimalist Lombard Laundry Drying Rack ($49.50) with four swivel rods.
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