10 Easy Pieces: Peg Rails

Shaker peg rail from Mjolk

If spring showers bring May flowers, I’ll gladly skip ahead to May. But whether April brings rain or shine, it will be month to get out into the garden. At the end of the day, you’ll need a place to hang your gear. We’ve rounded up 10 sturdy solutions—Shaker-style wooden peg rails to use in a mudroom, garage, or entryway:

Father Rabbit peg rails
Above: For a tight space, a two-hook Peg Rail is $89 NZ from Father Rabbit. (For information about the four-hook Peg Rail, see Father Rabbit.)
Peg rail from Cox & Cox
Above: An Oak Peg Rail available in two lengths (with three or six hooks) is £30 to £45 from Cox & Cox depending on size.
Ikea Kubbis Mudroom Hooks
Above: From Ikea, a birch Kubbis Rack with seven hooks is $12.99.
Container Store shaker peg rail
Above: Made of maple, a Shaker Peg Rack with four or six hooks costs from $9.99 to $14.99 depending on length from Container Store.
InterDesign maple and birch peg rail
Above: A maple and birch Peg Rack by InterDesign is $10.49 at Life & Home.
Shaker peg rail from Mjolk
Above: Made locally in Toronto, a Shaker Peg Rail with five pegs and brass hardware is $200 CAD from Mjolk.
Another Country solid oak peg rail
A solid oak Peg Rail made in Portugal has seven pegs and is £150 from Another Country.
raw oak 6 peg rail Garden Trading
Above: A Hambledon 6 Peg Rail is made of raw oak; £32 from Garden Trading.
white pine lumber peg rail
Above: A 36-inch Wood Hat/Coat Rack is handcrafted in Canada from white pine lumber. For more information and pricing, see Home Hardware.
Peg & Rail white peg rail with shelf
Above: A White Peg Rack With Shelf is available in seven lengths (with from three pegs to ten pegs), at prices from $69 to $199 depending on size from Peg & Rail. Photograph by Christine Chang Hanway.
For more organization and storage ideas, see:

N.B.: This is an update of a post published April 9, 2013.

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