10 Easy Pieces: Best Tissue Box Covers, Allergy Edition

Tissue Box Cover at The Line in NYC

The dreaded allergy season is upon us, and if you’re like us, you cringe at the sight of a cardboard tissue box. Here are our top 11 camouflage picks.

Azmaya Hinoki Tissue Box
Above: The Azmaya Hinoki Tissue Box is constructed without hardware by traditional joinery methods; $90 at Nalata Nalata. The top cover rests on the actual tissue box so it can accommodate different sized rectangular tissue boxes.
Waterworks Classic Linen Tissue Cover Box
Above: The Waterworks Classic Linen Tissue Cover Box is made of sheer white linen; $32 at Waterworks.
Anthropologie Sedra Cement Tissue Box
Above: The Sedra Cement Tissue Box is $22 at Anthropologie.
Puebco Plain Tissue Box in Steel
Above: From Japanese company Puebco, the Plain Tissue Box in made of industrial steel (or in white steel) available through Puebco and Puebco stockists. Contact the company for more information.
Makie Linen Tissue Cover in White
Above: From Makié, the Linen Tissue Cover in White is designed to fit a rectangular box of tissues; $48 (also consider the Linen Tissue Cover in Natural).
The Line Tenfold Metal Tissue Box Cover
Above: The Line’s Tenfold Metal Tissue Box Cover is a matte black powder-coated steel box; $72 at The Line
Shaker of Malvern Oval Tissue Box
Above: Made by Shaker of Malvern, the Oval Tissue Box is designed, according to Shaker traditions; £55 ($71 USD) at Shaker of Malvern.
Michael Verheyden Niez Tissue Box Holder
Above: Belgian designer Michaël Verheyden’s Niez Tissue Box Holder is made of molded black leather for $203 at Wallpaper Store.
Jonathan Adler Lacquer Tissue Box White
Above: The Jonathan Adler Lacquer Tissue Box is made of hand-poured white lacquer; $42 at Neiman Marcus.
Oji Masanori Shiraki Lidded Tissue Box
Above: The Shiraki Lidded Tissue Box, designed by Oji Masanori from Japanese cypress Thujopsis wood (like Hinoki, it’s known for its antimicrobial and water-resistant properties) is $345 CAD ($252 USD) at Mjölk.
Pi'lo Black Linen Tissue Cover
Above: The Pi’lo Black Linen Tissue Cover is available as a square (left) or rectangle (right), both for $28 CAD ($20 USD) each.
Prefer to DIY your own? See our post DIY: Painted Canvas Tissue Box Cover. And for wrangling toilet paper see 10 Easy Pieces: Modern Toilet Paper Holders and 10 Easy Pieces: Indie Toilet-Paper Holders.

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