Can You Guess What This Is Used For? (Hint: It’s High Maintenance)

Rib Tray and Brush Set by Pat Kim at Tetra

Proceed with caution: This post is littered with unnecessary and sophomoric word play.

It’s high time that real design came to the marijuana industry. Tetra, an online smoke store founded by writers Eviana Hartman, Su Wu, and Sight Unseen’s Monica Khemsurov, has been selling cool cannabis accessories since it first lit up the internet in 2015. Since then, it’s established itself as the joint for hipster tokers that don’t want their pot habit to hemper their style: Think sculptural ash trays, pebble-shaped ceramic pipes, chic incense burners, and other puff pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in an upscale Brooklyn boutique.

Great, you’re likely thinking, but why is The Organized Home writing about Tetra? Because the store also happens to stock some seriously dope herb storage solutions that can be useful to anyone—not just those in need of a place to stash their weed.

Here’s what we’re jonesing for:

Beton Brut Container by Light+Ladder at Tetra
Above: Inspired by Brutalist architecture, Light + Ladder’s sculptural Beton Brut Container is made of concrete and solid maple, and measures 5.5 inches wide; $160.
Airtight Storage Jars by Tetra
Above: Tetra’s ultraviolet-glass Airtight Storage Jars have screw-on lids to ensure dried herbs stay fresh; $16 and $20.
Rib Tray Brush Set in Natural by Pat Kim at Tetra
Above: Hand-turned by Brooklyn woodworker Pat Kim, the maple Rib Tray Brush Set, shown in natural, features a 9-inch round tray for rolling and serving, and a horsehair brush for cleaning up; $160.
Rib Containers by Pat Kim at Tetra
Above: The coordinating Rib Containers are $85 each.
Chroma Tray by Other Kingdom at Tetra
Above: Keep your weed controlled and corralled in the Chroma Tray by Other Kingdom; the corner slots make for easy clean-up. The small blue tray is $56, and the large peach tray is $86.

More on herb (the cooking kind) storage:

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