Smart Buy: Soap Saver and Exfoliator

Brook Farm General Store Soap Saver

My mom, well before repurposing was a thing, was a saver of everything and a waster of nothing. She wasn’t a hoarder; she just couldn’t stand to be wasteful. In our house, those little plastic baskets that berries came in turned into kitchen sink sponge holders; hole-ridden T-shirts became cleaning rags; and used wrapping paper was given new life as, well, next Christmas’s wrapping paper.

Mom would love this clever product that Julie found: a small woven bag meant to hold those little slivers of soap that, alone, are just too small to do their job. Put a few tiny pieces together in this bag, though, and suddenly you have enough for a good soaping. Even better, the bag acts as an exfoliator.

Nothing wasted—and a lot gained.

Brook Farm General Store Soap Saver
Above: The Soap Saver from Brook Farm General Store is made of jute and costs $8.50.
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