Object of Desire: A Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack Ideal for Sweaters

Just this morning, I said to my boyfriend, “I need to invest in a flat-top clothes drying rack.”

I was in the middle of a rather laborious routine of hand-washing my too-delicate-for-the-washer cashmere sweaters. Having let them soak in bath of cool water and gentle detergent for a day (in bowls set out all over my kitchen counter), I was rinsing them one by one in the sink, then draping them over the wooden drying rack I’d ordered from Amazon last year. On my Amazon version, there’s only room to lay one lucky sweater flat (a spot I save for my very favorite); the rest have to hang at a diagonal, risking stretching out and deforming the wet fabric.

With water dripping all over the floor and my sweaters stretching beyond recognition, I thought, “There has to be a better way.” Fortunately Margot just sent me a solution: a new flat-topped drying rack from one of our favorite makers, George and Willy. It’s going on this year’s Christmas list.

Everyday Clothes Drying Rack from George & Willy
Above: The Everyday Drying Rack has a generously sized flat top (about 22 inches wide by 44 inches long) on which I could lay several sweaters at a time. When flat-laying isn’t required, the eight rungs efficiently hang negligees, table linens, and other delicates.
Everyday Clothes Drying Rack from George & Willy
Above: A detail of the drying rack in use; it’s $259 from George and Willy.
Everyday Clothes Drying Rack from George & Willy, Hanging on Wall
Above: Best of all? The rack folds up into a slim panel and even hangs on the wall when not in use, a bonus for my small-space apartment.

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