Sarson: A Forged Hardware Collection Inspired by the English Cottage

Rowen & Wren Sarson Collection

Admiring of late: Sarson, a new hardware collection by UK-based Rowen & Wren. Inspired by the “glorious idiosyncrasies” of the shop owners’ 17th-century thatched-roof cottage, and an alternative to the “slicker finishes” of other hardware, the line features blackened wrought-iron hooks and drawer pulls with pared-back silhouettes. Here’s a look.

Rowen & Wren Sarson Collection
Above: The Sarson collection, inspired by the “higgledy piggledy” country cottage. The Blackened Pull Handle, pictured at top center, is available in small, £7 ($8.97), and large, £9 ($11.54).
Rowen & Wren Sarson Blackened Circle Pull Handle
Above: The slightly more fanciful Blackened Circled Pull Handle is also available in small, £7 ($8.97), and large, £9 ($11.54).
Rowen & Wren Sarson Wardrobe Hook
Above: The all-purpose Blackened Wardrobe Hook is £9 ($11.54). Also available: a Blackened Hat & Coat Hook for £14 ($17.95).
Rowen & Wren Sarson Forged Hook
Above: Rowen & Wren suggests using the simple Blackened Forged Hook “in the kitchen for a trusty linen tea towel, in the downstairs loo for the hand towel, or in the bedroom for your nightgown”; £7 ($8.97).
Rowen & Wren Sarson Blackened Simple Knob
Above: The Blackened Simple Knob is available in small, £7 ($8.97), and large, £9 ($11.54).
More hardware for the cottage and cabin:

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