Object of Desire: An Easy-Lug Laundry Bag (Ideal for Apartment Dwellers)

Steele Canvas Laundry Tote

Admired in a recent editorial meeting: a handy laundry bag from Steele Canvas, ideal for hanging from the back of a bathroom door, toting around the house, even lugging (as a backpack) to the laundromat. (I wish I’d had one in my days of living in an apartment without a washer/dryer. It would’ve made the weekly trips down three flights of stairs and five blocks up to the wash-and-fold that much easier.)

Have a look:

Steele Canvas Laundry Tote
Above: “Whether you’re traveling down the stairs, to the laundromat, or paying your loved ones a visit (the ones with in-unit laundry), this tote is tops for a launderer who has to travel a bit to get the job done,” according to Steele Canvas. The new tote is made of heavy-duty canvas and equipped with both carry handles and backpack straps.
Steele Canvas Laundry Tote
Above: It also has a gusset and rope for cinching the top closed. (Might it also make a great beach bag, wonders Julie?)
Steele Canvas Laundry Tote
Above: The Steele Canvas Laundry Tote is $119.95, available in natural or black.

More accoutrements for making laundry day a little more pleasant:

N.B.: This post was first published on Remodelista in April 2024.

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