Paradise Found: A Garage Transformed into a Garden Pavilion

A disused concrete garage becomes an idyllic garden pavilion, courtesy of Italian architects act_romegialli, who conjure up their own vision of Paradise Regained in the Rhaethian alps.

It’s paradise built upon juxtaposition; the architecture of a small industrial building against a verdant backdrop of vegetation. It’s a simple concept with an elegant execution.

Photography by Marcello Mariana, via act_romegialli.

Above: A neglected, disused garage has been turned into a garden pavilion with a simple cooking area made from a thin counter of galvanized steel.

Above: Two pipes have been soldered together to form a sculptural faucet.

Above: A steel-framed wooden sliding partition enhances the rustic palette of the raw industrial space.

Above: Green tendrils from the vegetation outside soften the hard industrial surfaces of the interior.

Above: Redefining the concept of green roof.

Above: The garden pavilion becomes a verdant lantern at dusk.

Above: The metal and glass doors open out from under the lushness of the vegetation on the roof.

Above: Layers of vegetation cover the pitched roof trellis the architects installed on top of the flat-roofed garage.

Above: The original garage, which the architects transformed into a garden pavilion.

Above: The plan of the two-room pavilion.

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