One Shelf, Four Ways: A Super-Versatile Wood Shelf from the Netherlands

The Yori has everything we’ve ever wanted in a shelf: Good plain looks, smart design, natural materials, and, of course, real-life usefulness. It’s from Woodchuck, a furniture and design studio in the Netherlands that focuses on simple, Japanese-inflected pieces. (See Remodelista’s Simple, Honest Furniture from Woodchuck in the Netherlands.)

The partners (in life and business) behind Woodchuck are Rutger de Ruiter, a woodworker, and Tinta Luhrman, a stylist. The combination is a winning one. Just check out the images below, which showcase the Yori (€59) in four different rooms and situations.

Photography courtesy of Woodchuck.

In the Kitchen

Woodchuck Yori In Kitchen
Above: The Yori shelf looks perfectly at home above this kitchen counter outfitted with a bread cutting board and mortar and pestle. Use it in your own kitchen to hang cooking utensils, dried herbs, oven mitts, and more.

In the Kids’ Room

Woodchuck Yori in Kids Room
Above: In a kid’s room, use the Yori to hang dress-up costumes, or do as Tinta did here, and hang a cotton produce bag for extra toy storage.

In the Bathroom

Woodchuck Yori in Bath
Above: Perfectly sized for use in a bathroom. Hang towels from the pegs and store moisturizers, perfumes, and other toiletries on the shelf. If you mount it low on the wall, you could even use the cutout to store a toothbrush holder.

In the Bedroom

Woodchuck Yori in Bedroom
Above: No room for a nightstand? Here’s a clever idea: Hang an LED lamp from a peg, add a bud vase filled with fresh blooms, and you’ve got yourself a pretty bedside tableau.

Got shelf improvement on the mind? Here are more ideas:

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