Mudroom in a Box: 7 Favorite Boot Brushes

curb appeal boot brush LL Bean

Realistically, if you live anywhere in the Northeast region of the United States, you’ll be tracking snow, slush, salt, and mud into your home well into April (maybe May). Enter the hardy boot brush, a mudroom-in-a-box with stiff bristles, scrapers, and, often, hardware to mount it near the front door. Here are seven tough candidates for the job.

Above: Traffic Master’s Boot Scrubber comes with stainless steel hardware and can be attached to a floor; $39.85 on Amazon.
Permanent Mount Amazon Boot Brush
Above: A Permanent Mount Boot Cleaning Brush also has a steel scraper to remove thick mud; $26.99 on Amazon.
Amazon Rhino- Built Boot Scraper
Above: At 9.9 inches long and weighing under three pounds, a compact but tough Rhino Bilt All-In-One Boot Scrubber ($19.99) can be floor-mounted.
 L.L. Bean’s Boot Brush ($49.95) has a heavy cast-iron frame for long, messy Maine winters.
Above: L.L. Bean’s Boot Brush ($49.95) has a heavy cast-iron frame for long, messy Maine winters.
Redecker Boot Brush Lee Valley Tools
Above: From the family-owned German firm Redecker, a Boot Brush has a European oak base that “won’t slide, even with vigorous efforts to remove mud from boots;” it’s $84.50 from Lee Valley Tools.
Scrusher Boot Cleaner
Above: Wisconsin-based company Scrusher makes a variety of shoe-cleaning brushes for the front door. Their Original Scrusher ($39.99) has evenly spaced bottom bristles to prevent a buildup of dirt and debris.
Amazon Boot Brush Cleaner Floor Mount
Above: The Mr. Boot Cleaner boot brush features weather-treated maple siding and is $18.95 from Amazon.

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