Indoor Vines: Trellis Tables and Shelves from Moonish

New from Moonish of Brooklyn: furniture that grows vines. Designers Giovanna and Matt Taylor used balsa wood models to create a stylish collection of tables and shelves with built-in trellis components:

Photography courtesy of Moonish.


Above: A Trellis Side Table has a concrete base to corral plants, a lattice of clear pine, and a one-way-mirror shelf. It measures 18 by 18 by 36 inches and is $1,200 from Moonish.

“Maintaining the five-inch trellis cell as a base unit, we can customize the size of the pieces and even combine different modules to create one larger piece,” says Giovanna.


Above: A Trellis Shelf is $1,500.

“Lattice, with its grid structure, proved to be a perfect functional furniture making element,” says Giovanna. “The side table was the winner for us and we expanded on the concept.”


Above: The Trellis Shelf measures 38 inches wide by 52.5 inches tall and has clear-pine latticework, a concrete base, and a one-way mirror shelf.

For more designs from Moonish, see DIY Walls: Tiles for Commitment Phobes on Remodelista.

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