The Home Edit Shares 5 Things to Toss Right Now for an Organized Home (Plus 5 to Buy)

The Home Edit's Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are professional organizers who have amassed a loyal fan base (4.8 million-plus-strong on Instagram) with a winning formula of one part organizational prowess, one part celebrity clientele, and two parts personality. Like Marie Kondo, they are believers that an orderly home can lead to a happier homeowner. But that’s where the similarities end: Think of demure Kondo as pre-Snoop Martha Stewart, and the refreshingly candid Shearer and Teplin as post-Snoop Martha.

The Home Edit Book
Above: The Home Edit book is chock-full of inspiring “after” images and even includes a page of sticker labels to help organize the contents of your refrigerator; $14.99 on Amazon.

Last year saw the release of their book, The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals, and this year the premiere of their new Netflix show Get Organized with the Home Edit. They kindly took time from their busy schedules to share with us the five things we all need to get rid of right now—plus the five things we need to bring into our homes to instill order.

Featured photograph by John Shearer.

Things You Definitely Don’t Need

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Above: Shearer and Teplin often post pictures of their finished projects for celebrity clients. This is the decluttered office closet of Lauren Conrad.

1. Worn-Out Linens and Towels

“Go through your linen closet and toss or donate anything that looks faded or damaged. It will free up room for the soft and fluffy fabrics you grab for anyway.”

2. Outdated Technology/Cords

“If you don’t have an iPhone 3 anymore, then why keep the charger for it? On the same note, if you have a charger and you can’t find the item it goes with, it’s time to say goodbye.”

3. Loose Papers

“Receipts, coupons, etc. are the gateway to the dreaded junk drawer. Toss what isn’t necessary and store the important documents in a separate box for safe keeping.”

4. Expired Makeup

“Not only is expired makeup taking up extra room and adding more time to your routine, but it can also cause an infection. A smokey eye is a trend, pink eye is not.”

5. Old Prescriptions

“Toss out expired bottles and take an inventory of what you have or need. It’s a win-win: A de-cluttered space and the security of knowing you are covered in case of an emergency.”

Things You Definitely Should Have

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Above: Client Gwyneth Paltrow’s pantry in her East Hamptons home. “The first time we worked with her back in 2016, she told us she was putting us in @goop, and we literally screamed *in her face* from excitement,” the pair shared in their caption.

1. Large Floor Baskets

“One of the most practical and versatile items in a home. They can store toys, blankets, you name it. It’s also our favorite way to organize items that you use often but don’t want on display. Baskets can also double as home decor, which is a plus.” (See 10 Easy Pieces: Handmade Storage Baskets from Around the World.)

2. Turntables

“A staple of ours to make items more accessible. We use it all over the house—in the playroom for arts and crafts, under the kitchen sink for cleaning supplies, in a closet for pharmacy and first aid, in the bathroom for hair products, and in the pantry for oils and vinegar (just to name a few!)”

3. Glass or Acrylic Canisters

“For holding everything from flour, grains, and pasta to laundry detergent and coffee pods.” (See 7 Favorites: Classic Glass Pantry Storage Jars.)

4. Storage Boxes

“For sentimental items like photos, school papers, and other keepsakes. We label each box for easy access.” (See 5 Favorites: Good-Looking Cardboard Boxes for Long-Term Storage and The Cull: 10 Surprisingly Chic Products from Staples for some suggestions.)

5. Drawer Inserts

“We use either bamboo or acrylic inserts to contain and categorize items. When every item has a home, you’ll know where to find it and where to return it.” (See 7 Favorites: Kitchen Drawer Organizers, Non-Plastic Edition for ideas.)

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