High/Low: Metal Shelves

Shelf shopping? Some of our favorite storage pieces come from Canvas Home Store in NYC. Too pricey? Consider Ikea’s new shelving system, called Vittsjö.

Above: The Angle Metal Shelf is $520 from Canvas and measures 33.5 inches wide by 13.75 inches deep by 82 inches tall. The Pipe Frame Shelf (seen in the background) is $760 and measures 31.5 inches wide by 15.75 inches deep by 74.5 inches tall.

Above: The Wire Shelving collection from Canvas run between $95 and $300, depending on the number of cubbies. It’s available in four different sizes.

Above: This Ikea Vittsjö combination costs $70. The shelving is made from metal and glass.

Above: A narrow Vittsjō shelf unit is $40 from Ikea.

N.B.: It seems nearly impossible to live without some type of shelving system; whether for displaying your ceramic collection or organizing your books. View our Room Gallery for shelving ideas and inspiration.

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