High/Low: Clutter-Eliminating Storage Headboard

Looking for a hiding place (other than underneath your bed) for your stacks of magazines? We’ve found two that will instantly tidy up your bedroom.

I’m a minimalist at heart, so when my husband (a collector of various curiosities) adds an object to our house, it takes me weeks to get used to it. One space that is off limits is our bedroom. I favor clutter-free sleeping quarters, preferably ones that telegraph quiet and serenity (and have plenty of natural light). Toward that end, here are two headboards at different price points for banishing the belongings.

Above: One to dream about–a large custom headboard that doubles as a bureau. Photo via Freshome.


Above: Le Lit De Julie, a walnut headboard made by Montreal-based Objets Mecaniques, offers discreet storage; $2,500 CAD.


Above: The Brimnes Headboard is Ikea’s latest storage/headboard option; $130 for a queen size.

Here are 9 more Favorite Headboard Storage ideas. And allow us to clue you in on 10 Secrets for a Better Night’s Sleep.

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