Steal This Look: A Design Darling’s Clever Laundry and Utility Closet

If you’re anything like me, your #dreamlaundryroom lives in a virtual filing cabinet stuffed with Pinterest boards, screenshots from favorite blogs, and Instagram photos you couldn’t “like” fast enough. Often, the spaces I come across on these platforms lean toward the ultra-luxe side of things—sprawling rooms with dog showers and utility sinks—but I’m more enamored with a laundry room like this one, which isn’t a room at all. Aside from its vibrancy, this petite laundry closet by HGTV host Emily Henderson belongs in your aspiration folder for its clever use of space and “now-you-see-me, now-you-don’t” design.

Photography by Zeke Ruelas, courtesy of Emily Henderson.

Emily Henderson Laundry Closet Doors Open
Above: An efficient laundry setup maximizes utility despite its small footprint.
Emily Henderson Design LG Washer Laundry Room Doors Opening GIF
Above: When the doors are closed, the balcony closet blends into the wall. Open, they reveal an inspiring work and storage space.
Emily Henderson Laundry Closet Trash Can Detail
Above: The custom-cut countertop turns the tops of the washer and dryer into usable storage space. Here, a tray corrals a change jar and leather catchall, and a petite trash can collects dryer sheets and lint.


Waves Chic Wallpaper AllModern
Above: The designer used a Cole & Son wave-patterned wallpaper in the closet. That particular style has been discontinued, but Waves of Chic Scenic Wallpaper from All Modern has a similar look; $111.99 per roll.


LG Sidekick Washing Machine
Above: The washing machine is the Ultra Large Capacity Front Load model, and the dryer is the LG Ultra Large Capacity Dryer. Curious about the drawer underneath? We were too. It’s called the Sidekick and is a second washing machine for small loads and delicates. It’s sold separately from the main washing machine but slides underneath.


Peterboro Laundry Basket
Above: The basket is the Rectangle Laundry Basket from Peterboro; $79.
Fog Linen Work Linen Tray
Above: The Thin Grey Stripe tray from Fog Linen is $38 for the large size.

Ikea White Shelf
Above: A pair of white shelves are used to store detergent and other laundry essentials. A similar style is the Botkyrka from Ikea; $34.99.
Iris Hantverk Black Handled Dustpan and Brush
Above: A few cleaning tools also call this closet home. The Iris Hantverk Black Handled Dustpan and Brush is a classic; $29 and $15 at The Line.
Home Depot Over Door Laundry Rack
Above: An Over-the-Door Laundry Rack from Home Depot turns the closet door into an instant drying rack that folds flush when not in use; $12.98.
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