Aha! Hack: Finally, a Pretty Way to Store the Kitchen Sponge

Sandeep Salter Picture Room Brooklyn Heights House Photo by Jonathan Pilkington Styling Alexa Hotz

There’s so much to love about Sandeep Salter‘s kitchen sink setup—the decanted liquid soap, the old-fashioned brushes on display, the modern paper towel holder—but what I find most intriguing is her repurposing of an enamel soap dish (the kind with built-in drainage) as a sponge holder. It seems like such a no-brainer now that I’ve seen it used this way, but I’m embarrassed to say it has never occurred to me.

For years, angry that the sponge holders I saw on the market were so across-the-board unattractive, I’ve resorted to just leaving the kitchen sponge on top of my sink rack. Storing it on a pretty enamel soap dish would be such an upgrade.

Here are three options that could work. All have drainage, a must.

Featured photograph by Jonathan Pilkington for Remodelista; styling by Alexa Hotz; from A Modern Fairytale Told in 800 Square Feet: Sandeep Salter’s Family Apartment.

Wall-Mounted Enamel Soap Dishes

Soap Dish from The Best Brushes
Above: The Soap Dish from The Best Brushes is $29.50.

Soap Farm Enamel Soap Dishes
Above: Soap Farm offers their Vintage Enamel Soap Dishes in three retro hues; $18 each.
Trouva Enamel Soap Dish
Above: The all-white Ib Laursen APS Enamel Soap Dish is $19.84 at Fine Nordic.
N.B.: This post has been updated with new pricing; it was first published February 2020.

For another sponge storage option, see 5 Favorites: In-Sink Sponge Holders, Nonplastic Edition.

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