DIY: Painted Pastel Knobs

An easy DIY with a big return on investment: swapping out your standard-issue hardware for hand-painted wooden knobs.

Spotted on Lushlee, these painted pastel knobs could be used to match or stylishly mismatch a dresser.

Above: The inspiration: hand-painted knobs by Finnish designer and stylist Riikka Kantinkoski of Weekday Carnival and RK Design.

Above: For a similar rough-hewn look, don’t bother sanding or priming first. (But do for a smooth, opaque finish.) Use painter’s tape to block the top while painting the base.

Top: The 1 1/4-inch Natural Wood Mushroom Knobs are $3.30 on Amazon. Many paint suppliers sell eight-ounce samples of their wall paints, an easy way to match a color you already have at home. Above Bottom: Glidden offers two-ounce Paint Testers–brush included–for about $1.

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This post is an update; the original ran on March 29, 2012, as part of our Rite of Spring issue.

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