DIY: Bookshelf Systems, One Easy, One Difficult

Two DIY wooden book shelves: one for the hardcore DIY-er, the other for the lightweight (count us in for the latter).

Above: British based designer Nina Tolstrup created the Studiomama Bookshelf using 96 pieces of half-inch-thick oak planks. Each piece of wood was marked ahead of time to fit into the expandable system that fits the width of the wall. (Since the shelving is self supporting it can be taken apart and re-used.) Click on the Studiomama Video to see the shelves being assembled.

Above: A similar look can be achieved with the Stacked Shelf by JDS Architects for Muuto that allows you to create a shelving unit customized to any space. Pricing begins at $119 for a small stacked bookshelf. If you fancy creating one yourself, check out our DIY option with Ikea wooden boxes: Storage High Low Modular Bookshelves.

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