Smart Buy: Cord Tacos from Los Angeles–Based This Is Ground

Cord Tacos from CB2

If you saw our family of four strolling through the airport a few weeks ago—all of us, including our two school-age sons, with backpacks on—you may have thought that we were each carrying our own weight, so to speak. If you opened up the backpacks, though, you’d see that I was the one who was actually doing the heavy-lifting; while the boys’ bags were filled with snacks, books, and soft, cuddly things, mine held all my carry-on musts plus all of their electronics and headphones and wires (the true essentials when traveling with kids, amirite?).

Before we even took off, the boys, sensing a power shift as we boarded, were already clamoring for their devices. I acquiesced (they did crack open their books for all of five minutes, after all)—but nearly started to hyperventilate when I saw the web of wires inside my backpack. Three sets of wires and three different headphones added up to one giant knotted headache.

It worked out OK; the kids miraculously took mercy on me and waited patiently as I struggled to untangle the mess as fast as I could.

In the interest of a more relaxing flight with my family next time, though, I’m thinking about buying these Cord Tacos from This Is Ground, an LA-based company focused on accessories for all the devices and gear in our lives. No, they’re not necessary (a binder clip would work just as well to keep wires organized), but they’re really cute, aren’t they?

Cord Tacos from CB2
Above: A five-pack of Cord Tacos made exclusively for CB2 includes two sizes and three colors—navy, metallic gold, and saddle; $29.95. The leather organizers work well for earbuds, USBs, and other wires.

Cord Tacos by This Is Ground
Above: A 5-Pack is $29 at This Is Ground, which offers the Cord Tacos in a slew of colors.
We really don’t like cords here at The Organized Home. Find more wire management ideas here:

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