Bath: Steel and Wood Accessories

We love the look of natural wood and stainless steel combined, especially in the kitchen and bath. Consult our earlier post Accessorize This for similarly serene items for the kitchen.

Below: Tissue Box make of Hinoki cypress wood (valued for its pleasingly fresh scent and anti-bacterial properties). $35 at Canoe Online.

Below: Made from matte stainless steel, the Primo Tissue Box is $71 at Lumens.

Below: Bamboo and Steel Soap Dish; 6.99 at The Container Store.

Below: Hinoki Bath Stool; $98 at the Gardener.

Below: Consider these Bamboo Drawer Organizers for bathroom counter-top storage. $3.99 to $6.99 at The Container Store.

Below: Simple Stainless Muro Square Mirror; $80 at Lumens.

Below: Walnut Framed Mirror; $29.99 at Ikea.

Below L: Keep a stack of spare rolls handy with the Primo Toilet Paper Holder; $54 at Lumens. Below R: The Forma Toilet Plunger; $13 at the Industrial House.

Finally, three stainless steel toilet brush options. Below L: Ikea’s Baren Toilet Brush for $9.99. Below Center: Primo Stainless Toilet Brush by Blomus; $73 at Lumens. Below R: The Vipp 11 Stainless Toilet Brush; $200 at Lumens.

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