Bath Accessories from Magazin in Germany

Porzellanablage Plateau Porcelain Soap Dish

Bath accessories, German style. Practical, minimalist, no frills, from Magazin in Germany (home shop we’d most like to come to the US).

Above: The Toothbrush Holder is €22 ($24.50).

Above: The Rollenhalter Toilet Roll Holder is €22 ($24.50).

Porzellanablage Plateau Porcelain Soap Dish

Above: The Porzellanablage Plateau (porcelain soap dish) is €16 ($17.82).

Above: The Product Toilet Paper Holder is available in black and white; €70 ($77.94).

Toilettenburste Badserie Lunar Toilet Brush in White

Above: Toilettenburste Badserie Lunar toilet brush is €32.50 ($36.19).

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