Back to the Future: Furniture Designs by Egon Eiermann

German architect Egon Eiermann (1904-1970) is not as well known as other midcentury designers such as Eero Saarinen or Arne Jacobsen, but he should be. His versatile stacking SE 68 SU chair, designed for orchestral seating, is a midcentury classic, favored by the European design cognoscenti for both domestic and commercial use. Produced by German company Wilde + Spieth since the 1970s, the chair is available in a range of colors and stains, including a special edition featuring colors drawn from the Le Corbusier palette.

Above: The Eiermann chair on display at the Wild + Speith showroom.

Above L: The Eiermann Chair SE 68 SU, produced by Wild + Speith in Germany, is available in four colors drawn from the Le Corbusier color palette (blue, green, yellow, and gray) and is $590 from Ambient Direct.


Above: A green stained Eiermann Chair SE 68 and desk in the Copenhagen home office of graphic designer Tanja Vibe; photo by Line T. Klein via French by Fancy.

Above: The versatile Eiermann Table is produced by German company Richard Lampert and is available in a range of sizes from Ambient Direct; prices start at $537 for the 180-by-90cm size (approximately 70 by 35 inches). It’s available with a chrome or black powder coated frame and with a variety of surfaces. 

Above: The Eiermann table works equally well as a dining table; photo via Hvor Kragerne Vender.

Above: The Eiermann Chair SE 68 SU in a blue stain with a black frame; it’s also available in beech, black-stained beech, dark-green-stained beech, lacquered teak, lacquered oak, lacquered ash, and white painted. The frame is available in chrome, matte chrome, or black powder-coated chrome.

Above: The Eiermann Stool is available in a range of stains.

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