Artful Brass Hooks and Pulls, Australia Edition

Rowan McLachlan and Saan Davidson of Rowan & Saan work out of a shop in Kyneton, in the Macedon ranges near Melbourne. They use a combination of silversmithing, blacksmithing, and jewelry techniques, hand forging hardware with hammers and anvils. “Our work naturally leans toward qualities of wabi sabi,” they say. “We aim to make products that are nice to hold, touch, and study, that are understated, simple, and celebrate everyday life.” 

Above: The Brass Kitchen Hook is $38 NZD ($30 USD) at Everyday Needs.

Above: A studio tableau via The Third Row.

Above: The Circle Hook is $95 AUD ($77.45 USD) from Mr. Kitly.

Above L: The Brass U Handle is $52 AUD ($42.34 USD) from Rowsaan. Above R: The Cup Handle is $32 AUD ($26 USD) from Rowsaan.

Above: The Brass Curved Hook is NZD $50 ($39.21) at Everyday Needs.

Above: Brass kitchen hooks via The Third Row.

Above: The Ring Handle is $52 AUD ($42 USD) from Rowsaan.

Above: Tools of the trade via The Third RowTo see more, go to Rowsaan.

For more room-changing Hooks and Hardware, consider:

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