A Clever Kitchen Herb Rack from Austria

kitchen herb rack via etsy

We have been suffering from Herb Fatigue, a condition caused by buying an expensive bunch of fresh herbs, putting it into the refrigerator, and then forgetting it’s there. Too late, we find the thyme wilted and brown, shoved into the back of a crisper drawer. No more:

kitchen herb rack via etsy
Above: A Wood Kitchen Herb Drying Rack is $$35.93 from Less and More via Etsy. No need to drill holes or pound nails into the wall; the bar has two magnetic cubes on each end.
kitchen herb drying rack magnets via Etsy
Above: The magnets will stick to any iron or steel surface, and the rack is easily disassembled for storage.

For another of our favorite ideas, see An Herb Dryer Rack for Harvest Season.

N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published on Feb. 22, 2013.

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