A Brush for All Seasons: 6 Brush Sets for Shoe Upkeep

Julie and I were recently discussing the importance of shoe upkeep, especially now that we both are living in New York and finding that our shoes are wearing out faster than ever (all that pavement walking). It’s got us in the market for a good set of shoe brushes; here are the six we sleuthed out.


Above: The Shoebrush Set from A.G. Hendy & Co. in Hastings is a set of six brushes and a shoehorn in a tidy galvanized tin box; £65 ($92). For more on shopkeeper Alastair Hendy, see our post Revolution Road: A Groundbreaking Kitchen in London.


Above: The Redecker Shoe Shine Kit has eight pieces total in untreated beechwood. There are brushes for polishing, suede and Nubuck-specific brushes, cleaning brushes, a shoehorn, and a dustcloth; €41 ($47) at Lapadd.


Above: The Iris Hantverk Shoe Care Box includes a simple shoe brush, a dauber, black shoe polish, and a cloth; $520 SEK ($64 USD) at Iris Hantverk.


Above: The Hanger Project’s Shoe Polishing Brush Set includes two horsehair polishing brushes (black and silver), two daubers for waxes, and two daubers for cream; $50.


Above: Tangent Garment Care’s Large Shoe Care Set is made up of two brushes for light and dark polish application, shoe grease, and three shades of polish; €110 ($125 USD).


Above: Garden Trading Company’s Shoe Shine Set in a Printed Bag is a compact set of three brushes for an affordable £12.50 ($18).

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