10 Easy Pieces: Wood Compost Bins

Stylish compost? Not an oxymoron. Here are 10 of our favorite wood compost bins, in sizes to fit all gardens:

Small Space Bins

Above: A Solar Assist Composter with a frame of western red cedar has mesh side panels to increase air flow and a corrugated poly cover to let in sunlight, speeding the breakdown of organic matter. The US-manufactured compost box measures 25 by 45 inches and is $349.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

Above: Made of pine, a Composting Wood bin with a trapdoor to make it easy to shovel and a lid to keep out varmints is 899 SEK from K-Raut.

Above: With a design inspired by traditional beehives, a Beehive Composter is 25 inches square and 35 inches high; it can be disassembled for easy access to the bottom of the bin. It is £155 from Dovetails.

Above: A family-size Worm Composting Kit made of untreated spruce has four trays and comes with a half-pound of red worms. It is $92 from Wood Worm Farms.

Above: A Cedar Composter has removable slats to make it easy to load leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps. It is made of natural white cedar and measures 36 inches square and 30 inches high; $149.55 from Plow & Hearth.

Above: With louvered sides, a Natural Cedar Compost Bin allows air and moisture to circulate and has a capacity of 24 cubic feet of material. It measures 30 by 36 inches and is 39 inches high; $134.95 from Bruce Post Co.

Multi Bin Systems

Above: Made of larch slats attached to steel-reinforced concrete posts, an Expansion Compost Box is like Legos for the garden. You can add on bins to make a custom compost system to fit your garden. A two-bin set is €356.

Above: Consider it the Cadillac of compost bins. With a pitchfork or shovel, you can move organic matter from one bin to the next to aid decomposition and increase aeration.

Renoir’s Red Cedar 3-Compartment Compost Bin has three 35-inch-square compartments (with overall dimensions of 121 inches long by 43 inches wide by 38 inches high). It assembles with stainless steel hardware and all compartments have removable slats for easy accessibility. It is $1,269 from Fifth Room.

Above: With two compartments, a Cedar Outdoor Worm Bin measures 48 inches long by 24 inches deep by 21 inches high and is $138 from Grow Organic.

Above: A double-lidded Ville Mullen compost system made of larch has two slots separated by mesh to allow you to move compost from one bin to the other as it matures; worms sold separately. The system is 3,600 SEK from Kompostbutiken.

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