10 Easy Pieces: Slim Step Ladders for Small Spaces

A standard step ladder is a household essential, but if you live in a small space, an extra closet for storing such things is hard to come by. That’s why we’re profiling the most appealing, many of which are so slim they’ll tuck into tight spaces or hang unobtrusively on the wall. Here are our picks.

Design House Stockholm Step Step Ladder

Above: Design House Stockholm “Step” Step Ladder, shown here in oak, comes with a peg for hanging on the wall. It starts at $400 at Horne.

Hasegawa Lucano Black Step Ladder

Above: The Hasegawa Lucano Black 3-Step Stool is made by hand by Metaphys and Hasegawa Kogyo Co., the leading ladder and scaffolding manufacturer in Japan.

Olby Design Step Up Step Ladder

Above: The Small Step Up Step Ladder from Olby Design is available in oak or ash. Contact Olby for more information.

Williams-Sonoma Ultraslim Aluminum Step Stool

Above: Williams-Sonoma’s Ultraslim Aluminum Step Stool, shown in the three-step size, is $139.95.

Sina Sohrab Stepladder

Above: RISD grad Sina Sohrab of Visibility designed the Stepladder in ash wood and steel. It’s currently in development; contact Sohrab for more information.

Perigot Extra Flat Foldable Step Stool

Above: The Perigot Extra Flat Foldable Step Stool can slide behind a door or hang from a wall; €230 ($255) at Perigot.

Summerhill Bishop Wooden Step Ladder

Above: The Summerill & Bishop Wood Stepladder will soon be available on the shop’s site. Contact Summerill & Bishop for more information.

Flo Folding Step Ladder in Orange

Above: The Flo Folding Step Ladder in orange is designed by Marcello Ziliani and folds up to under four inches wide; $579 at Pop Mag.

Williams-Sonoma 3 Step Wood Aluminum Ladder

Above: Williams-Sonoma’s 3-Step Wood & Aluminum Ladder is $119.95.

Furnishing Utopia Christopher Specce Step Ladder

Above: From designer Christopher Specce, the Handy Folding Ladder was designed for Furnishing Utopia, a project under the Hancock Shaker Village and the Mount Lebanon Shaker Museum. It’s not currently in production but we hope it will be. Contact Specce for more information.

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