10 Easy Pieces: Seed-Saving Envelopes

seed saving kit by Mimi Giboin

Whether you’re saving them for yourself or giving them away as gifts, here are ten envelopes to help store your seeds this fall.

seed saver envelopes from Goldberg Gartenschatz via Etsy.
Above: A set of 25 Brown Kraft Paper Seed Packets with cord clasps is $9.50 from Goldberg Gartenschatz via Etsy.
seed saving envelopes from Creamore Mill via Willow and Stone
Above: A pack of 20 Seed Envelopes from Creamore Mill is £4.75 from Willow and Stone.
seed storage envelopes from Burgon and Ball
Above: A pack of 20 Seed Storage Envelopes is £3.99 from Burgon and Ball.
midori kraft envelopes for seed saving
Above: Above: Not designed with seeds in mind per se, these envelopes with a string enclosure would make handsome seed packets. A set of eight Midori Kraft Envelopes is €9.90 from Nomado Store.
seed saving envelopes from Country Trading Co via Etsy
Above: Made from recycled paper, a pack of 20 Seed Saving Envelopes is $7.09 from Country Trading Co via Etsy.
seed saving envelopes from Manufactum
Above: Crisp white Little Paper Envelopes with lines for seed-saving notes;100 seed packets available for €8 from Manufactum.
kraft paper seed envelopes bags from Amazon
Above: A set of 100 Kraft Paper Seed Bags is $3.99 from Amazon.
kraft paper seed saver envelopes from Anticipate via Etsy
Above: For larger quantities (or bigger seeds), a set of 25 4.1-by-9.5-inch Kraft String Tie And Button Enclosure Envelopes is $29 from Anticipate via Etsy.
seed saving envelopes Seattle Seed Company
Above: The Seattle Seed Company sells packets of eight Seed Saving Envelopes for $4.95. Pre-printed spaces for record keeping include options for labeling seeds as organic, heirloom, hybrid, open-pollinated, hand-pollinated, and/or perennial.

To learn how to save seeds in the first place, see DIY: How to Save Seeds for Next Year. For a ready-made seed-saving kit, see Object of Desire: The Mighty Seed Box by Franklyn & Vincent. And, to make your own, see our post: Seed Savers: Essentials for a DIY Storage Kit.

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