10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Boot Racks

Oak Henderson boot rack from Cotswold Co

I grew up in Boston, where a number of British ways have managed to linger: We call our mothers Mum (and our bottoms bums), eat our share of fish and chips, and, at least in my house, refer to our rubber boots as wellies (short for Wellingtons). But the welly rack, a simple, ingenious staple of British back entries and mudrooms, has mysteriously yet to be discovered in these parts. The time is right.

Here are our 10 favorite rubber boot racks.

Wooden welly boot rack via Garden Trading
Above: Garden Trading’s Wooden Welly Rack, £70, has natural oak pegs and a charcoal base. Wellies, by the way, get their name from the 1st Duke of Wellington, an early-19th-century style setter, who had his shoemaker model his footwear after Hessian soldiers’ boots.
Welly boot with Annie Sloan chalk paint rack via Natajaq
Above: Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law duo Natalie Evans and Jacqueline Wilmington of Natajaq make racks in the Annie Sloan chalk paint colors of your choice. Their Two-Pair Welly Boot Rack, shown, is £55, and their Four-Pair Welly Boot Rack is £75.
Wall-mount welly boot rack via A Place for Everything
Above: A Wall-Mounted Welly Rack is £59 from A Place for Everything, which has an extensive boot storage department.
Wooden welly boot rack via On Range Tout!
Above: French housewares company On Range Tout! offers a White Wooden Garden Boot Rack for €37.90.
Oak Henderson boot rack from Cotswold Co
Above: With its tapered pegs, the Henderson Oak Wellington Boot Stand has a Shaker-esque silhouette; £70, from Cotswold Co.
Oak wellington boot stand made by Creamore Mill
Above: The two-pair Wellington Boot Stand by Creamore Mill (the same maker as Cotswold Co.’s designs) is £42.65 from the Stuffed Box.
Wall-hung welly 4 pair boot rack by Welly Racks UK
Above: Wellyracks’ Countryman Boot Rack comes in six sizes, painted or in natural pine. This four-pair rack in seagrass blue is £64.99.
Pine boot rack and shoe shelf by Boot & Saw
Above: The double-duty Welly Boot and Shoe Rack (three pair) is £99 in pine, shown here, and £210 in oak from Boot & Saw, which offers larger versions of the design and a range of other standing and wall-hung boot racks.
Wall-hung oak Henderson boot rack from Cotswold Co
Above: Cotswold Co.’s standing rack, shown in the featured photo at top, also comes in a wall-hung version; the Henderson Oak Rack is £35.

Oak Wall Welly Rack from Boot & Saw
Above: The Oak Wall Welly Rack from Boot & Saw has a shelf on top for extra storage; £105.00.

N.B.: This post is an update; it was first published on Remodelista on April 11, 2017.

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