10 Easy Pieces: Kitchen Compost Pails

The average American family throws away 20 pounds of food a month. This is the equivalent of stumbling upon a buried pirate’s chest full of jewels and gold doubloons–and then leaving it there to rot.

A kitchen compost pail is the solution. Look for one with a wide mouth (to make it easy to throw in scraps of all sizes); a tight-fitting lid (to trap odors inside), and a handle (or handles) for easy transport to the backyard compost bin.

Here are 10 simple and sturdy countertop compost pails for a kitchen:

compost pail bucket from Cooler Kitchen at Amazon
Above: A large 1.3-gallon Compost Bin With Plastic Liner is dishwasher safe; $29.99 from Amazon.
ceramic compost pail bucket
Above: A black 1-gallon Ceramic Compost Keeper by Norpro is $22.89 at Amazon.
compost bucket kitchen countertop Father Rabbit
Above: A white Hudson Compost Caddy is $£23.99 at UK-based All Green.

bamboo countertop composter from Bamboozle
Above: Bamboozle’s bamboo Composter is available in two colors, including graphite as shown; $39.99 at Crate & Barrel.
Compost Crock Garden Trading
Above: The elegant ceramic Compost Crock from Garden Trading looks almost like a cookie jar; £35.
Mixed Metals Compost Crock
Above: For a more modern look, try this Mixed Metals Compost Crock with copper and stainless steel parts; $29.95 at Gardener’s Supply Company.
Natural Home White Ceramic Compost Bin
Above: Natural Home’s Ceramic Compost Bin comes in red, white, and charcoal; $34.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
vintage Style Compost Bin from Lehman's
Above: We like the two-toned look of this Vintage Style Compost Bin from Lehman’s; $26.99.

compost pail bucket stainless steel from Williams Sonoma
Above: A 1-gallon Brushed Stainless Steel Composter has a charcoal filter in the lid to absorb odors; it’s on sale for $31.99 from Williams-Sonoma.
compost bin with nickel plated handles
Above: Garden Trading also sells a steel Compost Bucket with nickel-plated handles available in three colors including Clay as shown; £20.
From dinner to dirt, here are more tips for composting:

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