10 Easy Pieces: Compact Upright Vacuums for Small Spaces

In my 400-something-square-foot Brooklyn apartment, there’s no place to store a vacuum; as a result, I hire a monthly cleaning service (mostly because they bring their own vacuum to clean with).

The other day, I needed to do a quick cleanup before a dinner party, so I called a neighbor to borrow her vacuum. As I carted it down the street, hose and attachments included, people stared. I knew I had to find a solution. This led me on a hunt for the perfect small space vacuum: something slender enough to prop in an unused corner or tuck under a bed. Here’s my list of finds (and stay tuned for our post on handheld/canister vacuums—also good for the small space dweller).

Francesca Connolly Brooklyn Heights House Photo by Matthew Williams for Remodelista
Above: A small stick vacuum tucked into a stealth closet in Francesca’s Brooklyn Heights house, photographed by Matthew Williams for Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home.
Bosch Athlet Upright Cordless Vacuum
Above: The Bosch Athlet Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner can sneak under furniture by lying flat, weighs a little over 7 pounds, has an 1800 watt motor, and is $649 from Bosch.
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum
Above: The Shark Navigator Light Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a 1,200 watt motor, a stretchable cord, extra-long attachments, weighs 14.9 pounds, and measures 46 inches high and 14 inches wide; $119.99 on Amazon.
LG Cordzero Handstick Cordless Vacuum
Above: LG is set to soon release the LG CordZero HandStick 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum with Water Mopping that allows you to switch from mopping to vacuuming, eliminating the need for both a vacuum and separate mop in the house. It’s cordless and can transition into a handheld vacuum too. Contact LG for information.
Electrolux Ergorapido Essence Vacuum
Above: The Electrolux Ergorapido Essence (EL2001A) is cordless, weighs only 5.5 pounds, and is 42.5 inches tall; $99.99 from Electrolux.
Miele Swing Quick Step Upright Vacuum
Above: The Miele S194 Quickstep Vacuum has a 1,000-watt motor, a long cord that allows a 28-foot operating radius, features Miele’s air filtration system, and it weighs only 9 pounds; $199 on Amazon. Read more about the model in our post The Perfect Small Space Vacuum.
Aerus Home Lux Guardian Vacuum
Above: The Aerus Lux Guardian Vacuum is an upright vacuum that looks almost vintage. It has a low profile L-shape that can fit into a closet, Tetris-style, and measures 47 inches high and 15 inches wide. Contact Aerus for pricing and information.
Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum
Above: It may look like a prop from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, but the Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuum can be used to clean hard to reach spaces high and low, has a 100W motor, and weighs 4.5 pounds; $299.99 from Dyson.
Black & Decker Dust Buster Stick Vacuum
Above: The Black & Decker (DB1800SV) Dust Buster 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum weighs 7.7 pounds and is just 10.1 inches in width; $85.50 at Amazon.
Ryobi Rechargable Cordless Stick Vacuum
Above: The Ryobi Rechargeable Cleaner (BHC-1010 681609A) Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a slim and attractive option; $155.35 at Rakuten.
Eureka Quick Up Cordless Vacuum
Above: The Eureka Quick Up 2-in-1 Cordless (96JZ) Vacuum is a lightweight (4 lb) stick vacuum that transforms into a hand vacuum; $213.80 at Amazon.

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