10 Easy Pieces: Bushel Baskets

An autumn staple, a woven wood bushel basket is sized just right to hold more than your apple harvest. Embrace it as a storage solution for mittens or magazines—we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite modern updates on the traditional bushel basket:


Above: Made of paler wood strips than the typical bushel basket, a Half Bushel & Peck Baskets with leather handles have a clean, modern silhouette that would be equally at home in an entryway (think: mitten storage) or next to a favorite reading chair (think: magazines); $35 to $64 depending on size from Food 52.

half bushel harvest basket from peterboro

Above: Classic color, classic wooden handle. Made of Appalachian white ash with brass fittings, a Half Bushel Basket from Peterboro Baskets is 10 inches in diameter and 14 inches high; $49 from Boston General Store.

one of a kind handwoven wood harvest basket

Above: Made in the US of wood strips, a one-of-a-kind Early Handwoven Utility Basket measures has a 13-inch diameter and measures 9.5 inches high. It is $198 from Omero Home.

three sizes of handmade wooden bushel baskets with leather handles

Above: Available in three sizes, handmade Picking Baskets with leather handles are from $66.52 to $66.40 depending on size (and a set of all three is $129) from Kaufmann Mercantile.

wood crab bushel basket with lid

Above: From Harford Crabbing & Tackle, Wooden Bushel Baskets With Lids are available; for more information and prices, contact Harford.


bushel style woven wood basket with metal and wooden handle

Above: A Bushel Style Basket with a solid copper handle and a turned-wood grip is available in two sizes at prices ranging from $79 to $89 depending on size from Barber’s Handmade Baskets.

woven wooden harvest basket shaped like a trug

Above: Shaped like a trug, a Vintage Woven Wood Harvest Basket is 15 inches long by 8.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high. It is $20 from Contemporary Vintage via Etsy.

a 5 peck woven wood bushel basket sold in sets of 12

Above:  Made in Texas since 1919, a 5 Peck Field Basket with wire handles is $4.60 (order in multiples of 12) from Texas Basket.


Above: One-of-a-kind, a vintage Tall Orchard Bushel Basket is $28 from Shoppe Haven via Etsy.


Above: Woven of strips of black ash, a 12-inch Medium Apple Basket has a 12-inch handle. For more information and prices, see Swamp Road Baskets.

For more of our favorites, see 10 Easy Pieces: Trugs and Harvest Baskets and on Remodelista, Object Lessons: The Almighty Wicker Basket.

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