Photography by Marcia Mihotich and The Modern House

Come with us on a tour of a London creative couple's tiny beach shack in Kent, England. Marcia Mihotich and Durrell Bishop remodeled the space themselves to be the ultimate in simple summer living.

Furnishings include a midcentury chair of unknown origin purchased by Durrell’s sister and a packing crate coffee table that, Marcia tells us, they found on the street near their place in London.

The sofa, which serves as an extra bed, is a homemade wooden platform—”just a base with four legs”—and upholstered foam cushions.

The kitchen is tucked just beyond the dining area.

Pretend cellphones made years ago by Hal and a friend hang on the dining area wall. Note the patterning of the plywood.

The couple rebuilt the kitchen using Ikea cabinets that they faced with plywood.

A lineup of garlic boxes salvaged from a local grocery serve as over-the-counter storage—”they were added on a whim, but have proven pretty useful,” says Marcia.

Marcia and Durrell are ever on the lookout for presentable appliances. They bought their Récolte Classic Libre Electric Kettle on a trip to Hong Kong.

The bedroom has a twin bed and a sleeping loft big enough for two.