Weekend Reading: Pretty Little Things

There were many reminders on our sister sites Remodelista and Gardenista this week that great things come often come in petite packages. To wit:

Brass Shelf from Fog Linen
Above: We’re devotees of Fog Linen and their brand of Japanese-inflected minimalist and, naturally, love their new brass offerings. See Brass Tacks: Small, Quietly Beautiful Storage Essentials from Fog Linen.
The Water Monopoly Rockwell Concealed Shower Type A White
Above: Alexa discovered a line of retro-inspired bath fixtures that you can order in whatever color you wish. We’re especially enamored with this minimalist showerhead with coordinating cross water taps. See Retro Bath Fixtures in Retro Colors from the Water Monopoly.
Aviron Kitchen Towel in Yellow by Lino e Lina from Moth Chicago
Above: And Annie clued us in to a small shop in Chicago that stocks understated, well-designed home goods, like this chic kitchen towel. See Moth: A Trove of Japanese and Scandinavian Design, in Chicago


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