Trending on Remodelista: The Organized Life

Storage was on the Remodelista editors’ minds this week. They organized their kitchens, laundry rooms, and toilet brushes:


Above: Given our deep love for clotheslines (see 7 Life-Changing Reasons to Dry Laundry Outdoors), it’s no wonder that 10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Clothes Dryers got our full attention.


Above: Julie embraces the dustpan as art. See more at Utilitarian Household Goods from an SF Designer.


Above: Justine discovers via Instagram a mother-daughter small batch ceramics studio in Brooklyn. See more at A Family Affair: Henry Street Studio.


Above: Genius Low-Cost Storage Solutions from Japan change Alexa’s outlook on life in a tiny Brooklyn kitchen.


Above: Julie has ideas for 5 Genius Ways to Hide the Toilet Brush.

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