A Free-Standing Stainless Steel Kitchen from Toolbox of Tokyo

R-Toolbox, Japan, stainless-steel freestanding, unfitted kitchen sold à la carte.

Toolbox of Tokyo anticipates the needs of urban apartment dwellers by offering a full compendium of household building blocks, from brass TP holders to wooden stair rails, all with a lean, stripped-back look—and no plastic in sight. The company grew out of a real estate firm and now has a website and Shibuya showroom geared to DIYers looking for an alternative to the “packaged and homogenous.”

We particularly like Toolbox’s professional kitchen, composed of stainless-steel freestanding units scaled for compact home settings and sold à la carte. All surfaces are easy to swab down—but open-storage-phobes should look elsewhere. “A kitchen is a tool,” says the company. “Cleanliness and toughness—with unnecessary functions removed—are attractive.”

R-Toolbox, Japan, stainless-steel freestanding, unfitted kitchen sold à la carte.
Above: The company took inspiration from restaurant fittings and devised a lineup of “independent units” that allow people to customize their own setups—and take them with them to their next quarters. For a homey mix, Toolbox suggests layering in wooden pieces with the stainless steel.
R-Toolbox, Japan, freestanding stainless steel work table and cooktop.
Above: “No frills needed,” says Toolbox of its worktables. Units with single and double drawers are available with open and closed under storage.
R-Toolbox, Japan stainless-steel sink and table corner configuration-5
Above: A Toolbox corner configuration. Note the ventilated under shelves.
A combination for postage stamp kitchens.
Above: A combination for postage stamp kitchens.
R-Toolbox, Japan, stainless-steel compact kitchen
Above: A Toolbox option with more elbow room.
R-Toolbox kitchen hanging bar
Above: Hanging rods are a Toolbox staple, with applications for every room.
R-Toolbox, Japan, kitchen shelf and hanging bar
Above: A plywood shelf with a hanging bar—”I often see hanger bars similar to this, but it’s hard to find the one that’s just right,” notes Toolbox’s designer.

See more from the company in our post À La Carte Kitchen Components, Tiny Apartment Edition.

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N.B.: This post was first published on Remodelista on March 9 2023.

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