The Satisfyingly Well-Ordered Drawer: Minimal, Modular Systems for Tiny Places

Toko Office Drawer

When I was a kid, the kitchen drawer next to the fridge was known as the Everything Drawer. Pretty much anything you were looking for could be found there—so long as you were willing to dig. Spare rubber bands and pencils mingled with AA batteries, a singular walkie talkie, bungee cords, and a rock painted by yours truly.

We could have benefited from the storage solutions from brand-new company Toko (launched just a few days ago), designed to create modular, functional order for the tiniest places—drawers—in every room: the kitchen, the home office, the entry, the bath.

The company is the work of husband and wife team Nick Carmen and Marianne Karaan, who wanted to create minimal, flexible systems for keeping drawers in order and free from clutter and overflow. The pieces are inspired by modern furniture and include powder-coated stainless steel rails, bamboo dividers, and accessories like knife blocks and spice racks, all designed to slide together with no tools or screws. For the visual among us, the Toko website features an easy-to-use tool into which you can enter drawer dimensions and create a system to suit your space and routines.

Take a look at how Toko’s small tools can create mindful order every time you open a drawer:

The Entryway Drawer

Toko Tech Drawer
Above: A miniature storage system designed for a drawer in the entryway corrals everyday essentials: chargers, wallet, watch, sunglasses, earbuds, keys.

The Kitchen Drawer

Toko Kitchen Drawer
Above: A place for everything in the otherwise unruly kitchen drawer: salt and pepper shakers, measuring spoons, a corkscrew, and utensils stored in Toko’s bamboo silverware rack. Toko’s designs are customized to your drawer or dresser, and you can tweak or rearrange them at any time.

The Office Drawer

Toko Office Drawer
Above: The office or work-from-home space becomes a place of order and inspiration with a Toko system to keep everything tidy.

The Bath Drawer

Toko Makeup Drawer
Above: In a bath or vanity, a Toko spice rack works well as a place for keeping toiletries on display and easy to find.

The Products

Toko Organizing Products
Above: A few of Toko’s individual pieces, including a knife block (top left), silverware tray (top middle), and spice rack (bottom left).
Toko Organizing Products
Above: The pieces come in pleasingly minimalist packaging.

To see more (and design your own tiny system), head to

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N.B.: This post is an update; it was first published July 2021.

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