Subtle Luxury: Vincent Van Duysen’s New Glass Display Vessels

When Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen introduced his now-iconic oak lidded ceramic bowls a while back for When Objects Work of Brugge, Belgium, we were in instant covet mode. So we took note when Van Duysen recently introduced the stackable collection in clear and smoky glass. World’s most beautiful display vessels? We think so.

Photography by Alberto Piovano for When Objects Work, except where noted.

Above: Van Duysen’s containers–he refers to them simply as “pots”–range from bowls to platters to canisters. The just-introduced glass versions integrate seamlessly with the ceramic designs; all come with lids in varying thicknesses of sandblasted oak (shown here) or oiled walnut and are made in Belgium. Garde in LA, one of the first retailers to offer the glass, has three sizes in clear glass and oak starting at $235. Garde also offers the full range of Vincent Van Duysen Ceramic Bowls and Canisters.

Above: In addition to clear glass, the new collection comes in smoky shades of brown and black. The glass designs are available from interior designer Jan George in Sag Harbor, New York, in three shades of glass and three sizes starting at $185.

Above: The Vincent Van Duysen 3-by-6-Inch Glass Canister with Oak Lid, shown here, is $235, and the Vincent Van Duysen 6-by-6-Inch Glass Canister with Oak Lid is $250, both from Garde. The glass is microwavable and dishwasher safe, but not recommended for the oven. Photograph via Garde.

Above: The Vincent Van Duysen 12-by-3-Inch Glass Bowl with Oak Lid is $395 by special order from Garde. Photograph via Garde.

Above: The Vincent Van Duysen Glass Canister in black (far left) is $185, and the taller size (far right) is $358 from Jan George. Note: The lids shown here are in oiled walnut; Jan George currently offers sandblasted oak lids.

Above: The designs will soon also be available at March in SF and Suite NY, as well as sold directly by When Objects Work.

We’re longstanding Vincent Van Duysen fans. See:

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