Small Space Gardening: A Kit to Grow Windowsill Herbs

Inspired by their life in a tiny apartment, Chicago-based designers Nick Behr and Sarah Burrows devised a space-saving way to grow herbs—without a garden, soil, or a space bigger than a windowsill.

Raising more than $60,000 from a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 enabled them to launch their Modern Sprout collection of hydroponic kits. Our favorite is a stylish  (and reusable) self-watering herb kit:


Above: From Modern Sprout, a Hydroponic Eco Planter Seed Kit in a reusable glass container is $30 at Anthropologie.

The Eco Planters ($30) also are available directly from Modern Sprout.


Above: Photograph via Modern Sprout.

The kit comes with instructions and materials, including a hemp wick to draw up water into a stainless steel pot, to sprout seeds in a grow medium (a coco pith disk and pebbles).


Above: Kits come with seeds to grow (clockwise, from Left) basil, parsley, cilantro, or mint.


Above: Photograph via Modern Sprout. The frosted jar makes it easy to see the water line.

For more ways to grow herbs indoors, see:

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