5 Tips for a Good-Looking, Hard-Working Laundry Room via Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation Laundry Room Full

We believe that, like any household chore, laundry can be more palatable—even enjoyable—in a space that’s beautiful, hardworking, and designed specifically for the task. Enter laundry room essentials by Rejuvenation, designed to inspire efficiency and organization. With a few key elements—lighting, utilitarian fixtures, and layered, smart storage options—you can create a laundry space that’s orderly and—dare we say it—inspiring, whether you’re lucky enough to have a large, dedicated space or just a tiny closet.

Here’s how.

1. Start with overhead lighting.

Rejuvenation Crawford Ceiling Lights
Above: We’re all familiar with the dark, dimly lit basement laundry room, but it’s time to bring your laundry space into the light. Add overhead lighting in the form of a flush or semi flush-mount for even, bright illumination of the whole space. This keeps your light source up and out of the way of workspaces—and allows you to see what you’re doing.

This well-ordered laundry space is lit with a row of Crawford 10” Flush Mount lights in aged brass ($269 each)—equal parts practical and high-style.

2. Add hooks.

Rejuvenation Brendan Farrell Hook Rack
Above: A well-placed hook or hook rack is a simple addition that makes a big difference, keeping clutter off of surfaces and floors, storing essentials within easy reach, and adding an element of display, too. Use one or a few of Rejuvenation’s wide range of offerings to organize brushes, cotton bags of clothespins, and other laundry essentials.

We like the midcentury-inspired Brendon Farrell 6-Fin Hook Rack shown here for an easy utilitarian update.

3. Hide the piles with bins and baskets.

Rejuvenation Steele Canvas Laundry System
Above: Bins and baskets large and small are an easy way to keep the laundry room looking neat and organized: Piles of laundry, wool dryer balls, and other tough-to-corral realities are at once tucked away and easy to access. We are longtime fans of industrial-inspired Steele Canvas laundry bins, functional and perfect for both laundry and storage and on offer from Rejuvenation; this one is the Steele Canvas Laundry System in Double ($330).

4. Install a rod or rail system.

Rejuvenation Brookside Rail System
Above: Shelves, rods, and rail systems are space-efficient while keeping oft-reached-for items organized. Rejuvenation’s shelving is designed to be customized: Select shelves and brackets to match your space and choose from multiple depths, woods, and finish options with optional undermount hooks. Or, select a customizable rod set or rail system like the 36” Brookside Rail System, shown here in aged brass ($245), to hold important odds and ends. On the counter are a pair of white Canisters with Wood Lids (from $19 each), also available in black, pale blue, and indigo.
Rejuvenation Brookside Rail System Detail
Above: Brass cups and hooks store all sorts of laundry must-haves.

5. Don’t forget good-looking hardware and fixtures.

Rejuvenation Laundry Room Sink
Above: Your laundry room is a hardworking space, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be design-forward—you’ll be spending time here each week, after all. Rejuvenation’s utilitarian plumbing and hardware fixtures are utilitarian, high-quality, and stylish. Add a solid brass faucet to elevate the laundry sink, or choose solid brass cabinet hardware in matching finishes.

Shown is the Sutton Single-Hole Kitchen Prep Faucet ($1,599), the Triple Utility Hook ($52), and Ladd Drawer Pulls ($40), all in aged brass. A black Larder Crock, inspired by French ironstone preserving jars, adds concealed storage on the counter (from $79 each).

For many more laundry room essentials, head to Rejuvenation.

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