Outbuilding of the Week: Black and White Orangery, Scandi Style

I have a soft spot for spaces covered in windows and filled with plants; in a perfect world, I’d live in a home that closely resembles a greenhouse, with lots of light and lots of green. Swedish designer and entrepreneur Agneta Enzell designed a space for her and her family that fits the bill exactly. The orangery, as she calls it, is drenched in light. She uses it, fittingly, for growing plants, almost like a potting shed, but also as a place to eat and socialize with friends and family.

Photography by Sandra Pettersson.


Above: The house is usable year round, but Agneta and her family spend the most time there in the summer, when they eat in the orangery almost every day.


Above: Black and white stripes punctuate a green backdrop.


Above: A stainless steel counter and sink make for a simple, low maintenance kitchen.


Above: The kitchen counter space overlooks the family’s property.


Above: An adjacent edible garden with black-stained raised beds is where dinner grows.


Above: Carrots in the raised beds are labeled with black plant markers.


Above: Potted plants line the indoor perimeter of the windows.


Above: Tomato plants don’t mind being indoors–in full sun.


Above: I love the shelving that Agneta has created for her houseplants.


Above: Squash growing indoors.


Above: The space is perfect in fall when it often gets too cold to sit outside in the evenings; it the family to extend their summer season a bit, as the windows and plants make it feel almost as if you’re outside.


Above: Raised beds are stained black.

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