An Organized Utility Closet, Complete with Sink

Utility Sink DIY Idea by Kim Timmerman

Here’s an idea we like: a closet converted into a practical utility space, complete with a sink and homemade built-in shelving. Styled by Dutch interior designer Kim Timmerman, it’s the perfectly ordered and sparkling extra storage everyone could use. Here, a look at how to recreate it:

Utility Sink DIY Idea by Kim Timmerman
Above: A utility room that serves as a space for storing kitchenwares and washing up, it’s tidily covered in white tiles and kitted out with shelves resting on brackets made from pegs. The same pegs are used as simple hooks over the sink. One of reasons the setup is so pleasing to the eye is its simple palette of black, white, and gray. Photograph by Louis Lemaire Fotografie, courtesy of Kim Timmerman.

Steal the storage with the following elements:

DIY Building Blocks
Above: To create shelf brackets and wall hooks, consider Wooden Building Blocks or a Hardwood Dowel cut into the desired lengths and painted white. Drill a hole in the back of each, insert a screw, and attach to the wall using anchors. (See our post DIY Instant Hallway Hooks Made from Blocks for tips. For ready-made options, take a look at 6 Wooden Storage Pegs.)
Ikea Ekby Hemnes Shelf in White
Above: Ikea offers several basic white shelving options. The Ekby Hemnes, 31 1/8 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches deep, is $14.99. Companion brackets also available.
A and B Design Studio Etsy Storage Basket
Above: A six-inch-deep crocheted Hanging Storage Basket is $25 from A and B Design Studio, an Etsy seller based in Arizona. Shown here in cream; other colors available.
My World Hut Amber Glass Bottle
Above: The One Gallon Amber Glass Jug with a handle and cap is $9.59 from My World Hut.
Yield Ceramic Pitchers
Above: Matte on the outside, high-gloss inside, Yield Design’s Ceramic Pitchers come in gray or white; $95. See the design put to use as a French press in our post Beautiful Brew.

If, like us, you love looking at storage options, peruse our image gallery of Laundry & Utility Rooms. Also see our post 10 Easy Pieces: Inventive Wood Wall Hooks.

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