Object of Desire: The Verner Panton Wire Cube, Five Ways

Verner Panton Wire Cube as kitchen dish rack via Montana of Denmark

For adaptable storage solutions, there’s no need to think outside the box. Case in the point: the 1971 Panton Wire cube by Verner Panton, which, thanks to its graceful simplicity and versatility, is now back in production.

The open-ended steel design has been reintroduced by Montana of Denmark, a modular furniture company founded by Peter J. Lassen, who worked with Panton back when the piece was first issued 66 years ago by Fritz Hansen. Its uses continue to multiply.

Photography courtesy of Montana.

1. Entry Storage

Verner Panton Wire Cube in a limited edition gold finish from Montana of Denmark used as entry storage
Above: The 13.7-by-13.7-inch cube can be used individually or in combination, perched on the ground or wall-mounted. Here, a trio serve as an entry sideboard.

Panton (1928-1998), one of the most inventive and color-loving of the great modernist Scandinavian designers, introduced the cube as part of his wire Pantonova collection of 1971. According to collector Nilkas Maupoix of Pantonworld, the system included chairs, tables, a coat rack, and more; it was first unveiled amid Panton’s psychedelic scheme for Varna, a restaurant in Århus, Denmark. “The idea with the wire furniture was that the wire would catch the surrounding color: If you had a totally red room and you sat on a wire sofa, the sofa would ‘disappear,’ so it seemed almost like the person was floating.”

2. Coffee Table

Verner Panton Wire Cube in silver from Montana of Denmark used as a coffee table
Above: Single cubes can be used as side tables.

“The main purpose of my work,” said Panton, “is to provoke people into using their imagination.”

Verner Panton Wire Cube from Montana of Denmark used as a coffee table
Above: Montana has recently issued a limited-edition series of the cube in an 18-carat-gold finish over chrome-plated steel. It’s also available in chrome and in powder-coated steel in black, red, and white.

Montana’s products are far-ranging: See our post Genius Modular Household Storage from Montana of Denmark. In the US, the designs are available from the Danish Design Store, where the Panton Wire is $242 each. Original versions of the cube can also be found on Chairish, 1st Dibs, and other vintage vendors: Search “Vernor Panton Pantonova Wire Cube”.

3. Gridwork Shelving

Verner Panton Wire Cube grid shelving from Montana of Denmark
Above: Each module comes with four clips and together they can be used to form shelving and room dividers.

4. Dish Rack

Verner Panton Wire Cube as kitchen dish rack via Montana of Denmark
Above: Two wall-mounted Panton cubes make a good sink-side dish rack.

5. Bedside Table

Verner Panton Wire Cube used as a bedside table. It's shown in a limited edition gold finish from Montana of Denmark.
Above: For a rustic version of this option, consider a wooden crate. The gold-finished Panton cubes are offered by a small number of retailers. Go to Montana for details.
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